IMPRESSION 2006 International Digital-Art & Mail-Art

IM-PRESSION 2006, mail art & digital art Grafisch Centrum HogeDRUKgebied, Rotterdam, The Netherlands IM-PRESSION 2006, mail art & digital art is an "international artistic manifestation" organized from Rotterdam by the Centre for Graphic Arts "hogeDRUKgebied" (*). Artists from all over the world using mail art or digital art have been invited to participate. 85 artists from 24 countries have responded by sending striking protests and minimalist suggestions using sober black & white and hundreds of colours, photographs, digital collages or reproductions of their painting, etching or poetry. The results of the international call for participation can be seen at the exposition IM-PRESSION 2006, mail art & digital art. The exposition will open on Saturday, September 16th at 3 PM in the gallery of Grafisch Centrum hogeDRUKgebied at 44b, Charloisse Kerksingel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. A hundred graphic works will be on show every Friday through Sunday from 1 to 5 PM. until October, 7th. On this website we present all works we received for Im-pression 2006. We would like to thank all artists for the their contribution. More information: impression@tiscali.nl * The Centre for Graphic Arts hogeDRUKgebied is an initiative of Rotterdam artists from different cultural backgrounds dedicated to the organization of courses, exhibitions and actions based on the manual and digital forms of graphic arts. HogeDRUKgebied means zone of high pressure, referring to atmospheric pressure as well as the pressure as a means for getting prints.

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The opening of the exposition, September 16th in the galery of Grafisch Centrum HogeDRUKgebied, Rotterdam.

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